Wilh. Wissner GmbH

Tradition and Innovation

160 years of Passion for Details

Made in Germany

Manufactured in Göppingen since 160 years

For the last 160 years, Wilh. Wissner GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully producing and selling products for the lingerie and orthopaedics market in more than 40 countries worldwide as a leader in its field. All of the unseen details that shape, support, hold in place and fasten the products are developed and implemented in accordance with the designs provided by our customers.

In this regard, our main focus lies in the top quality of the products and their ongoing further development. The company employs around 100 people at its company headquarters in Göppingen and in its Hungarian and Austrian subsidiary and manufactures sophisticated products that guarantee the best possible wearing comfort. Under the management of Dr Andreas Lederer, a direct descendent of Christian Jakob Wissner who founded the owner-managed company, Wissner feels perfectly positioned for the future.

“Passion for Details” is the long-practised philosophy at the company, which offers its customers a large variety of products, individual custom-made designs and excellent customer service.

Quality, right down to the smallest detail

Wissner produces top-level quality. Permanent test mechanisms monitor large-scale production.

What this means for you:

  • Process reliability for your own manufacturing
  • No customer complaints
  • Customer satisfaction

Our products are certified according to the strict Oeko-Tex guidelines for harmful substances. You can download our current certificate here.


Wissner, which started out as a plumber’s workshop, has been providing accessories for the lingerie industry since 1859. Some of the first items to be produced were corset fasteners, whalebone busks and steel busks, some of which are still being produced today using cutting-edge technology.

Our history in detail


In the past, the proven quality produced by Wissner, combined with its innovative ideas, has resulted in numerous international awards and patents. Examples such as the plastic-coated bra underwires or the comfortable and dimensionally stable DUOFLEX® underwires are testament to the company’s innovative strength.

Working together with customers results in the constant creation of new ideas and solutions from development and design, right through to production. In doing so, the company uses a diverse range of technologies in the fields of punching and forming technology, injection moulding, extrusion and surface technology.

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