Wilhelm Wissner – equpiment and accessories for lingerie, orthopedics, occupational safety and medical technology, ladies outerwear and theatre

Wissner presents its new brand identity

Wissner präsentiert seinen neuen Markenauftritt

We are a family-run company that draws upon our 160 years’ experience of “Made in Germany” production to benefit major brands. Our Passion for Details has always been our distinguishing feature – and now we have made it our guiding principle. Thanks to the functioning and quality of our components, our customers in the medical and orthopaedic technology, lingerie and swimwear industries view them as indispensable for the manufacturing of their own products. We offer top product quality, a broad range of products, innovation, Oeko-Tex certification and extremely punctual delivery. With our new brand identity, we are shining the spotlight on the applications of our accessories so you can easily see what our core competency involves.

Thanks to our extremely broad product range, we are able to cover a great many of our customer’s requirements. Our design engineers and our in-house toolmaking skills enable us to quickly meet individual customers’ needs and provide custom-made products.